• Sergey Morozov
    Sergey Morozov Past President
  • Erik Ranschaert
    Erik Ranschaert President
  • Elmar Kotter
    Elmar Kotter Vice President
  • Peter van Ooijen
    Peter van Ooijen Treasurer
  • Federica Zanca
    Federica Zanca Auditor
  • Daniel Pinto dos Santos
    Daniel Pinto dos Santos Secretary

Board members

  • Mansoor Fatehi, MD
    Mansoor Fatehi, MD
  • Angel Alberich-Bayarri
    Angel Alberich-Bayarri Chair Industry and Startup Committee
  • Wiro J. Niessen
    Wiro J. Niessen Chair Scientific Committee
  • Francesca Coppola
    Francesca Coppola Member at large
  • Nadya Pyatigorskaya
    Nadya Pyatigorskaya Member at large
  • Annalisa Trianni
    Annalisa Trianni Member at large
  • Paul Algra
    Paul Algra Chair PR and Media Committee
  • Bram van Ginneken
    Bram van Ginneken Chair Machine Learning Committee
  • Antoine Jomier
    Antoine Jomier Chair Hackathon Committee
  • Sotirios Bisdas
    Sotirios Bisdas Chair Society’s Partnership committee
  • Florian Jungmann
    Florian Jungmann Chair Young members committee
  • Bettina Baessler
    Bettina Baessler Chair Education Committee
  • Peter Pokieser
    Peter Pokieser Vice chair Education Committee
  • Merel Huisman
    Merel Huisman Chair PR and Media committee

Administrative support

  • Paola Rinaldi
    Paola Rinaldi Marketing and Communications
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