EuSoMII announces the General Assembly to be held virtually on February 22, 2023 6PM CET.

Elections will be held online from 30 January to 10 February 2023.


The agenda of the General Assembly: 

  1. Quorum check
  2. Chairman’s introduction 
  3. EuSoMII 2020-2022 report – Elmar Kotter, President 2020-2022
  4. Approval of the budget and auditor’s report
  5. Voting on new Membership fees for Partner Society
  6. Elections: Discharging. Announcement of the result of the online elections. Objections.
  7. EuSoMII 2023-2024 plans – Peter van Ooijen, President 2023-2024


All  Members will receive detailed information on the Nominations and Voting system,  as well as the voting link and the invitation to the General Assembly in due course.

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The results of the voting will be announced during the General Assembly that will be held virtually on February 22, 2023 6PM CET.

For further info please contact Mrs. Paola Rinaldi at