EuSoMII announces the General Assembly to be held virtually on March 8, 2021 7PM CET.

Elections will be held online from 12 to 22 February 2021.

Only ordinary and young members having paid their current membership fees (before December 31, 2020) shall be entitled to vote and to stand for election.

The President-Elect, the Treasurer and five Members at Large are nominated for election in the General Assembly by the Executive Committee by a single majority of votes. For the sake of continuity of the activities of the Society, the President-Elect shall automatically proceed to the position of President, the President shall automatically proceed to the position of Past President, providing that these persons stand as candidate for this office.

The term of office for all offices shall be two years. Re-election shall be permissible.

Two Auditors shall be elected by the General Assembly for a period of one year each. Re-election shall be permissible.

As Committee chairs serve for 3 years, elections for these positions will be held in one year.

Existing nominations:

  1. President – Elmar Kotter – automatically

  2. Past President – Erik Ranschaert – automatically

  3. President-Elect  – open for nominations

    • Executive nomination: Daniel Pinto dos Santos

4. Treasurer – open for nominations

  • Executive nomination: Angel Alberich-Bayarri

5. Secretary – open for nominations

  • Executive nomination: Sotirios Bisdas

6. Auditor – open for nominations

  • Vacant

          7. Members at large

i.  Executive nomination: Peter van Ooijen

ii. Executive nomination: Federica Zanca

iii.Executive nomination: Francesca Coppola

iv. Open for nominations (for Young Members only)

v.  Open for nominations (for Young Members only)

The agenda of the General Assembly: 

1. Quorum check

2. Chairman’s introduction

3. EuSoMII 2019-2020 report – Erik Ranschaert, President 2019-2020

4. Approval of the budget and auditor’s report

 5. Elections: discharging, nominations, voting, objections, announcement

6. EuSoMII 2021-2022 plans – Elmar Kotter, President 2021-2022

Alternative nominations may be addressed to the Executive Committee, to the attention of the President-Elect no later than 4 (four) weeks prior to the General Assembly, accompanied by CV and a cover letter (

Alternative nominations require written support by at least 5 (five) full members in good standing. All nominations are subject to the written consent of the nominated candidate. 


All the Members will receive detailed information on the Voting system in due course.