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Episode 4 – The Medical Doctor as Data Scientist by EUSOMII on AIR • A podcast on Anchor

For Episode 4 we interviewed doctor Bart-Jan Verhoeff, who’s a nephrologist, a medical doctor specialized in kidney diseases. He works at the St. Jansdaal Hospital in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, where he’s also is CMIO or Chief Medical Information Officer. He’s also known as, from the blog carrying the same name. He trained himself in machine learning to develop an algorithm able to predict the likelihood of re-uptake of his patients. Verhoeff emphasizes the usefulness of machine learning as a method of using patient data intelligently. By using models based on data from the Electronic Patient Rrecord (EPR), doctors can make predictions, so that they can improve work processes, and improve the quality of patient care. Please stay tuned and listen to this interesting 30 minute interview.

Listen HERE.


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