Jointly organized by EuSoMII and Radboudumc, Nijmegen, NL.

21st April 2018- Radboudumc, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning: they dominate the news. Radiology is considered a good target for automation by intelligent software. Over 100 companies were presenting AI products at RSNA 2017, a number much higher than ever before. On the other hand, the number of AI products available today to radiologists is still small, and most radiologists do not use AI products routinely at all.

The goal of this day is to let radiologists experience AI software hands-on, behind a workstation where you can try software out for yourself. Introduction and help by industry representatives and radiologists experienced with the software is provided. In several blocks you will have the opportunity to test yourself against the machine. The focus is on tools that are already in use in some clinics and could be used by the practicing radiologist today. The day starts with a plenary lecture introducing how AI works, how it can be integrated in the radiology workflow, and what products are available. We end with a plenary outlook and interactive discussion on the future of AI in radiology.

When: Saturday April 21, 2018

Where: Radboudumc, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Accreditation by the NvvR has been requested. Lectures and discussion will be in Dutch, some of the presentations of software in English

EuSoMII members: 150 EUR
Non-members: 180 EUR (including free membership of EUSoMII)
Residents:  150 EUR (including free membership of EUSoMII)

09.00 Coffee, registration

09.30 Lecture “Artificial Intelligence in de radiologie” Bram van Ginneken, Erik Ranschaert

10.15 Hands-on 1*: Chest x-ray. Software: Riverain (Miamisburg, OH)
11.00 Hands-on 2: Mammography. Software: ScreenPoint (Nijmegen, NL)
11.45 Hands-on 3: Neuro CT and MRI. Software: Brainomix (Oxford, UK), icometrix (Leuven, Belgium)

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Hands-on 4: Chest CT. Software: MeVis (Bremen, DE), Aidence (Amsterdam, NL), Riverain (Miamisburg, OH)
14.15 Hands-on 5: Hand radiographs. Software: Visiana (Hørsholm, DK)
15.00 Hands-on 6: Radiomics: Neuro, liver, bone. Software: Quantib (Rotterdam, NL), Quibim (Valencia, ES)

15.45 Lecture and debate: “De toekomst van de radiologie” Erik Ranschaert, Mathias Prokop, Tim Leiner

16.30 Drinks and snacks

*12 participants per block, Participants rotate over the blocks, so the order varies individually. Maximum number of participants is 6×12=72. Locations for all blocks are at the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.