Angel Alberich-Bayarri:

“- The ‘motto’ of the congress was quite appropriate to the interest in our topics: “Beyond imaging”.
РThere was a significant ch ange compared to 2015, where was almost no discussion about machine learning. This year the topic was everywhere and there was a full IBM-Watson area close to IT and people could experience the performance. To be honest, I would have liked to test Watson with our own cases in order to see the degree of advance of the technology.
– An important number of lectures were based on Imaging Biomarkers and Quantitative Radiology.
– There was an important number of First-time exhibitors related to informatics, companies like: DeepRadiology, Zebra-Medical and Quantib.

My personal take home point is that definitely there has been a change in this RSNA with regards to IT in radiology, showing all the community that this field will be probably the most relevant one in the upcoming years.”