SIIM and EuSoMII Join Forces and Sign a Memorandum of Understanding!

Vienna, Austria (Oct 23, 2019) – The European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EuSoMII) and the Society for Imaging Informatics In Medicine (SIIM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to consolidate their long standing collaboration, which is the result of a common compelling vision for the future of imaging informatics and its growing importance in radiology and medicine globally.

Both societies share a strong interest in the field of imaging informatics and want to create an international multidisciplinary platform in which all allied disciplines will be involved. This collaboration will help all stakeholders in the area, including radiologists, clinicians, engineering and computer science professionals, data scientists, imaging informatics professionals, industry, managers and policy makers.

The partnership between both societies will focus on education, research and certification of professionals in imaging informatics; will create statements and guidelines; will publish white papers and educational material such as books; and will offer online teaching courses and webinars. Together the European and North American partners aspire to promote medical imaging informatics among trainees in radiology, engineering, and computer science.

“We have been working on formalizing this partnership for several years, so for me it’s an absolute honor and pleasure to be able to make this great step forward in strengthening the position and importance of imaging informatics in medicine, especially for the younger generation, which is confronted with an ever ongoing digitization of the medical profession. We have to join forces in order to improve digital innovation for the benefit of the patient,” said Dr. Erik Ranschaert, President of the EuSoMII.

James T. Whitfill, MD, CIIP, Chair of SIIM, added, “The relationship between SIIM and EuSoMII is one that already has yielded incredible benefits for the medical imaging informatics community. We look forward to a fruitful and productive future together.”

Professor Dr. Elmar Kotter, Vice-president of the EuSoMII emphasized that “This agreement will allow us to reinforce the cooperation between both societies. We hope to see many joint scientific and educational projects in the future. The exchange on the board level will allow us to better strengthen the links between both societies and to better represent common interests.”

Professor Sotirios Bisdas, member of the EuSoMII Board and Chair of the Professional Relations Committee, underpinned: “Promoting best clinical practice and research in Radiology is a global endeavor and is built on collaboration, mobility and the exchange of ideas. At a time when Medical Informatics has gained an unprecedented momentum worldwide, EuSoMII and SIIM have come together to reaffirm the importance of the unity of scientific research, and the willingness to educate and promote knowledge for the multidisciplinary professionals across Europe and the United States. The two societies wish to underline the need for continuous collaboration, mobility, and exchange of ideas among scientists in all countries and hope that similar arrangements across other radiological subspecialties will be found that wi ll allow the accelerated development of radiology.”

Raym Geis MD FSIIM, Chair of the SIIM Liaison Committee and former SIIM Chair, highlighted: “EuSoMII and SIIM have complementary strengths. Together they will strongly help advance medical imaging informatics and AI. We are excited by the opportunities this will provide in education and research.”

The partnership is aimed at promoting medical imaging informatics globally and increasing cooperation between both societies.

About the European Society for Medical Imaging Informatics

European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EuSoMII) is a professional healthcare organization that provides its members and the radiological community with up-to-date information on the latest innovations and achievements in medical imaging informatics by supporting education, research and events related to the top-tier software in radiology. It is affiliated to the European Society of Radiology (ESR) as subspecialty society.

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About the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine

The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) is the leading healthcare professional organization for those interested in the current and future use of informatics in medical imaging. The society’s mission is to advance medical imaging informatics across the enterprise through education, research, and innovation in a multi-disciplinary community.

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