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What are the benefits of joining EuSoMII?

Daniel Pinto dos Santos

Why join yet another scientific society? EuSoMII like only few other societies has its special focus on recently emerging technologies like social media, telemedicine, and imaging informatics in medicine and radiology in particular. Especially younger members are encouraged to engage in the community and actively take part in the societies projects.

The answer to the question what the benefits of joining EuSoMII are may very well vary according to your personal starting point. But whether you are only vaguely interested in the field of medical imaging informatics but willing to learn more about it or already an expert in DICOM or deep learning wanting to engage with others, EuSoMII strives to connect clinical radiologists, data scientists and informatics experts across Europe.

Since its beginnings as EuroPACS the society has undergone quite some transformations and has managed to keep up the pace with technical developments. From using social media to promote exchange and engagement in the community, to telemedicine applications, structured reporting, imaging biomarkers and machine learning, EuSoMII tries to cover all modern technologies that will surely shape radiology’s future.

But to make things short, here are some key benefits you receive as member of EuSoMI


Scientific meetings

EuSoMII will be organizing Annual Meetings with a special focus on educational lectures as well as scientific presentations each year and a number of hands-on-workshops and academies. As a member, you receive special discounted rates and timely notifications.



Monthly webinars are held where experts in the field will be presenting on a variety of relevant topics. You will be able to participate in those webinars, get in touch with the experts and have your questions answered. In addition, as a member you will have unlimited and free access to all recordings of the webinars.





Follow us on social media and additionally receive a regular newsletter. As a member, you will have access to the complete newsletter and be able to take part in discussions with the authors.




Get involved! Shape the future of radiology! As a society, we strongly encourage members to engage in the community. Whether it be during a meeting or online, scientific exchange and collaboration is becoming more and more important, especially within the field of imaging informatics.



EuSoMII also provides a special possibility for younger members, to become involved in a scientific society or to have their works promoted. We are always happy to discuss new ideas, share expertise and provide a platform for new members to contribute to the field.