Discover the Top 10 ECR 2023 sessions suggested by the EuSoMII Young Club

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March 1

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) and us: exploring the societal impact of AI in healthcare
  2. Practical guide to image repositories and data preparation
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI) in oncology: where do we stand in 2023?
  4. Ethics, responsibility and sustainability in AI: A new paradigm in its infancy

March 2

  1. Data sharing fueling AI development

March 3

  1. Return on investment in AI: Medical and business aspects

March 4

  1. Controlling our destiny: practising ethical radiology in a world of AI and institutionalised medicine
  2. Radiomics and imaging biomarkers: the essentials
  3. Setting standards: audits, teleradiology and AI

March 5

  1. Emergency radiology: the use of artificial intelligence