EuSoMII is glad to announce the TOP 3 Abstracts that have been announced at the end of the EuSoMII Virtual Annual Meeting 2021 ‘CONNECTIONS’ OCT 23, 2021.

Impact of deep learning reconstruction and CT dose on automatic lung vessel morphology characterization software: a 3D printed anthropomorphic phantom study

Irene Hernandez Giron, Zhiwei Zhai, Wouter J.H. Veldkamp, Johan Michiel den Harder, Berend C. Stoel

The following two share the SILVER MEDAL:

The Performance Of AI Covid-19 Detection And Lung Injury Quantification On Chest CT In A Real-time Clinical Setting
Tom Van der Stricht, Nina Watté, Mathieu Van Der Meersch, Amaury Baetsle, Carst van den Hoven, Patrick Aerts, Lieven van Hoe


Survival Prediction of Cancer Immunotherapy Patients Using Integrative Diagnostics
Melda Yeghaian, Zuhir Bodalal, Ieva Kurilova, Teresa Tareco Bucho, Christian U. Blank, Egbert F Smit, Michiel Van Der Heijden, Thi Dan Linh Nguyen-Kim, Regina G.H. Beets-Tan, Stefano Trebeschi


The EuSoMII AM21 Book of Abstracts will be soon published as a supplement of Insights into Imaging by Springer.