The next generation of radiologists and data scientists will be indispensible for utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging. They will ensure sustainable and ethical healthcare in radiology, and will achieve happiness and personal fulfilment in their profession.  


By acting as an incubator for professional development and networking for radiology professionals interested in AI, the EuSoMII Young Club will prepare the next generation for responsible and effective use of AI in clinical practice, though human-machine interaction. 

Is this for me? 

You are a researcher, resident or radiologist younger (spirited) than 36 years. You’ve heard speaking about artificial intellingence, and the recent buzz makes you feel you should know more about it. The topic is broad, you don’t know where to start and you don’t have the time to read lengthy, detailed, articles.

Why getting involved? 

As a radiology resident or younger radiologist you can make the difference to your department by investing in your knowlegde and network regarding artificial intelligence and imaging informatics. Don’t forget the radiogists added value over the referring clinician is profound technical knowlegde.

We are the generation that naturally has a connection with digital life, yet also understands previous generations. Therefore we make the ideal bridge and are indispensable for the advancement of our field. It is important that we unite in Europe, while meanwhile investing in our own professional development.

What does the EuSoMII Young Club offer me?

  • A platform for good quality, easy-to-use self-learning content regarding AI, informatics and related topics
  • Accessible networking with those relevant in the field
  • Connections with international peers to build professional relationships
  • A Young Club event at the Annual Meeting

How to become a part? 

First by subscribing as a ‘Young Member’ for a reduced fee. If you alreardy are an EuSoMII member < 36 years old you are automatically a Young Club member.

If you want you want to know more about how to become an active part of the Young Club community (e.g. by supporting on of the committees as an active member) you can contact us by email: or on social media.


The EuSoMII Young Club was founded in February 2020. It is in development, and the best part is; you can help shape it!

  • "The EuSoMII has enabled me to expand my knowlegde on AI and IT and make international friends in the field as an active member. All resulting in a career boost while having a lot of fun!"   

    Merel Huisman Resident Radiology, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • "As a 'digital native' radiologist, I was always interested in imaging informatics. The EuSoMII provided an open-minded and welcoming environment to gain new insights and actiely participate in shaping the future of our profession."

    Daniel Pinto dos Santos Radiologist, Cologne, Germany
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